Jewellery Care & Cleaning

When you purchase new jewellery, and in particular body jewellery, the first thing you should do is clean it!

The easiest way to clean your jewellery is to follow these simple instructions:

  1. Prepare a small bowl of warm soapy water (use liquid handwashing soap or dishwashing detergent)
  2. Pop your jewellery in the bowl and leave for a minute or two
  3. Use a very soft toothbrush (not the one you’re currently brushing your teeth with) to gently scrub all areas of your jewellery. For jewellery like rings with diamonds or gemstones, be sure to scrub behind the stones – that’s were all the dirt loves to hide. For body jewellery, unscrew all sections and clean each piece individually.
  4. Rinse in cold water (if doing over the sink – put the plug in!!!)
  5. Dry – for best results, a quick blast with your hairdryer is the best way to dry your jewellery.

We Do Not recommend boiling your jewellery to sterilise. The safest and easiest way to clean your jewellery is with antibacterial soap and warm water.

Do NOT use alcohol or any harsh chemicals to clean or sterilise your jewellery!  Alcohol and harsh chemicals can cause discoloration or other unwanted reactions to the materials being cleaned.

If you have an ultrasonic cleaner, you have a very convenient tool for cleaning your jewellery at home. Simply place your jewellery in the ultrasonic cleaner's bowl, fill it with water to the required level, turn it on and the ultrasonic vibrations will shake off any dirt clinging to your jewellery. 

Be aware that even alcohol-based mouthwashes can damage some types of oral jewellery too! It's better to rinse your mouth with a saline oral rinse than to risk damaging your oral body jewellery with alcohol-based mouthwash.